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Concierge Services


Our TEAM believes in the CONCIERGE concept.  Like in a quality HOTEL, this is a position that guests rely on for information about the local businesses and attractions.  Guests become to rely on the Concierge for recommendations, guidance and overall trust.


After spending 20 plus years in the Lending Industry and encountering thousands of clients, we have stepped back and asked what is the client really looking for?


They ALL have said that is is TOO HARD to find one place to get the services that they can trust AND that have the knowledge.


ROI OFF-MARKET PROPERTIES has ALL these services in ONE place!

Located on Babcock Boulevard in the North Hills of Pittsburgh, our professional team works closely with you and your loved ones to transfer title of your property, making you the most money in the marketplace based on the property AS-IS value.

Our team uses the latest technology and software to quickly provide you with a solution that makes sense and meets your demands.  We bring a high level of expediency in addition to prompt service and attention to detail.  We are focused on customer satisfaction and creating a WIN-WIN solution for every customer.